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Hi my name is Roly, and my wife's name is Carolyn. We are your local dedicated gutter guard professionals and run the Ipswich and Western Suburbs, Gutter Knight operation. Gutter Knight is a premium gutter guard supply and installation business and we pride ourselves on our punctuality, service, product and quality of workmanship.

I come from a construction and cost estimating background, which has taken me to all parts of Australia, providing customers with honest advice and information. We have two sports mad boys and you may have run into us at a cricket, rugby, volleyball, soccer, motor racing event or other, as we ferried our boys around SEQ. Our family have a cattle farm at Esk which we have spent a lot of time working on. I’m very particular about quality and providing the best solution for my customers. Gutter Knight gutter guard is all about the best products that will last and we are very proud to be a part of that.

To see how we can help you solve your gutter problems just contact us we would love to hear from you. We come to you and bring our mobile display unit so you can see exactly what the products are, how they are fitted and how they work. Looking forward to speaking with you very soon!

What our customers say about us

We have been using Gutter Knight for all of our clients Gutter Guard requirements. As a builder who works for insurance companies, we have to make sure that we only use the best products and services available. Gutter Knight has always provided a hassle-free, efficient and very professional service to all of our clients. I highly recommend them if you are looking for Gutter Guard


It has been a while since the gutter guard was installed but we just had our first storm of only 13 millimetres this week and I would like to say what a great improvement over the old plastic gutter guard system we had.

With the Gutter Knight Aluminium Mesh installed I have noticed a greatly reduced amount of vegetation staying up on the roof. As you know we live in a rural environment and with the old system I had to manually clean the roof every 4 weeks. But now very little stays on the roof. This is a great bonus as it reduces a possible fire hazard but now lets me have more time to do the things I like, instead of cleaning off the roof.

As we do not have town water, we rely on our rainwater for everything and with the old system I had to clean out the leaf traps once every half hour while it was raining as it would fill up with vegetation and block rainwater from going into the water tank. This is now a thing of the past, only a small amount, about 5% if that, compared with the old system, making it into the leaf traps.

I would like to say that Gutter Knight is the best value for money investment and piece of mind improvement I have made to our home. Your professional team did a wonderful job, their honesty and dedication to perfection in fixing the little faults with my guttering while installing the system was greatly appreciated. That workmanship has given me more rainwater into my tank and a great piece of mind knowing I will not have any gutter issues for a long long time. And after they had finished, you couldn’t even tell they had been there.

I would like to say thank you to you and your team for a fantastic job. I am more than happy to refer you to all our family and friends. Again thanks for a wonderful job.

Kindest Regards


Polite and professional service. My roof looks great and will save me a tonne of work and worry when it comes to blocked gutters and down pipes. Thanks guys!


Very efficient, fast service and a very competitive price. Highly recommend! Especially for the investor


An absolute pleasure to deal with, from the quote all the way through to the end. Communication was awesome and the installer was punctual, efficient and professional. The photos don't do this product justice would definitely recommend!


Company of the year in my view especially when in this day and age we are so disappointed by companies/trades not turning up, not returning calls and not offering a great product/service!. Gutter Knight Gutter Guard is a great company with a great reputation as displayed in the Google/internet reviews. This was my first dealings with this company and it appears to be a well oiled machine offering genuine old school service. Highly recommended and with competitive pricing!


We Are Not Just In Ipswich

Gutter Knight Ipswich Services All Of Brisbane's Western Suburbs Including:

Ipswich Kenmore Mt Crosbie
Karalee Karana Downs Redbank Plains
Brookwater Spring Field Springfield Lakes